About Brian Tru

Brian Tru is and has been a figure of controversy since his initial appearance online. He appears to be able to travel through dimensions and timelines, to find stories he insists are not only true, but that he has witnessed firsthand. Whether he is complaining about the latest video game, or once again insisting he was raised by werewolves, he will put his opinion out there for all to read. If you enjoy them, he would love to hear back about why/not. Regardless of this, he will continue to put out whatever he encounters in his travels, in hopes of informing the masses, while continuing to work on his secret projects (which have started many a rumor that he is actually a decedent of Doctor Frankenstein himself, though he will continue to deny it). Between writing stories he can be found lurking on his website, Twitter and MoviePilot spouting his opinions for all those to hear. Feel free to follow and you may be able to pick out more tidbits of his past, future, and timelines.

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