I Love Fable

To begin, as the title reads, I am a complete Fable fanboy. I am so much of a fanboy that I bought the original Xbox just to play it… on release day. And I will be completely honest – I loved it but I was so disappointed with the length. Shortly afterwards we got the Lost Chapters and I got the game I wanted so badly. It was so in depth and I was completely captivated. Never before was I so obsessed I promptly ignored my future wife for several weeks while I completed the game (twice) with maxing out everything I could. Yes I was one of THOSE gamers. Do not worry she got even and ignored me for 2 weeks as well when she “borrowed” my Xbox to play. Oh revenge is so bitter sweet.

So we lurked and waited and waited and waited. I kept hearing we would have Fable 2 soon. Then the Xbox died and was replaced with a 360. Finally about 4 years later we finally got the sequel we wanted so much. It was enough of a reason for me to go out and once again buy a console. I got my hands on an Xbox 360. While Fable 2 was a lot of fun to play it did do its fair share of annoying me. The camera angles were enough to drive me crazy (especially when I had to fight in the Balverine cavern.). It was a lot of fun overall and it really fed more into the “lore” of that world. I did notice after several play trough’s a lack of the Trolls became apparent. In the first game I loved to fight them due to the loot they dropped. In this one they were still around but not as frequent. Once again I had a complete blast. Another game worth playing.

Shortly after though we soon heard the rumbles again. Fable 3 would soon emerge. We didn’t need to wait as long. Only 2 years. And man was it so worth it. The camera angles seemed to be smoother. And the quests and leveling while hard made you seem like you earned them more. Only downfall is it did make it increasingly harder to be good as opposed to being a complete evil ass-monkey. That and the game felt extremely short. A lot shorter than its predecessors. Luckily new content was released on Xbox Live. While I liked the DLC and felt extremely entertained by it after beating it I still felt like the game was just not all it should be. The gameplay felt like an improvement and I liked the story but at the end still felt like half of the game instead of the full version.

Then the game has been brought into the forms of novels. Now this one is different. The first one I devoured in a short period of time. I loved the story telling aspect and even gave me more respect for the Fable-verse (as I call it). I only saw it once in stores and I missed my chance to get it. But I was able to get it on my Nook. I loved it. Now the second one I own but I haven’t been able to bring myself to read much of. I was hoping for a continuation of the first novel which has never happened. I feel like it was supposed to be a build-up of something that seemed to have been abandoned. We had 3 novellas to add more character to some major side characters (all of which I enjoyed) and a sequel to Fable 3 (which also felt like it would have more continuations which never happened).

We have had a couple mini games for Xbox Live while I am a fan of the series I couldn’t bring myself to play them. I wanted/needed an expansion to the world, to the lore, not some odd hybrid beat-‘em-up game. Maybe one night I will boot up the 360 and delve into it but at this point in time I find it to be pointless.

Now here is a biggie. We have a remake of the original. When that game was announced I was extremely excited. I couldn’t wait to just get it. I was tempted to preorder it but money was tight at the time so I had to keep waiting. Eventually I forgot that it was even released. How terrible of a fan am I? Considering how often I tout this series as one of my favorites of all time I actually forgot that this game was happening/released.

Then one night I was wandering around Walmart and I saw it marked down. Due to the next gen consoles being released they marked down the price to 20 dollars. My eyes must have light up like a Christmas tree and I not only bought it I devoured it. I fell in love with the series again.

It was everything a remake should be. It fixed some of the problems that can happen on any game. It updated its graphics, some of the voiceover work, changed its overlay system. Other than that it was the same game that I fell in love with. It was my Fable.

Now we have another Fable game on the horizon. Am I excited for it? As a fanboy for the series I say I am very hesitant for it. It’s a far different game then what I personally wanted. I wanted my action RPG with more developed lore. This to me will be a dungeon crawler. To me that doesn’t seem like Fable. It also is giving us a bunch of premade characters you need to choose from so I won’t feel like I am such an important person in the series and that I made him/her that important person. While it will be nice to be able learn more about the world before Fable 1, I still do not feel like I will be the major influence like I had in previous games. I hope I am wrong but I will be there when it comes out. And without a doubt I will be playing it (even if I am not happy with it).

Either way Fable continues to evolve with each platform. They take a few steps forward then a few steps back. Sometimes I am extremely happy with the results. Other times I have been extremely disappointed with the missed opportunities. I hope the Fable series will eventually rise up to the levels it should have already been. I hope that the ball stops being dropped and they learn that we might not always be there to invest if we feel like we aren’t getting the result we the fans find worth it. But this is also the same series that has gotten me to go by new consoles, and new consoles I had no interest in before. If that isn’t impressive enough, I have no idea what is.



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